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BH_TOURNEY 20/12/97

Congratulations to the BH Tourney Winner  BH_GUNSLINGER!!!!

This is how it happened:
HE went into the first game against a new guy to me WILDBill, came away well happy winning a comfatable 15/8. Onto the second with one win under his belt he was about to find things alot harder..he just scraped away with a well fought out 15/13 against BH_The_Law. Things were to get even harder in the 3rd round when he went crashing out to the mighty force of twocush losing 15/9. His hard run off oponents was not done yet he was drawn to play Pittbullet in round 4 and with bullet being my number 1 seed for the tourney things looked doubtfull, but that didn't stop him, he went all out attack and quite amazingly snatched the lead to become the 15/13 victor! It was now down to the last six, ALL of which had won 3 and lost 1 The match ups and results came in after a long 20 mins game. They were as follows

BH_Jammey Vs BH_PittBullet 10/15 BH_The Law Vs BH_Ken99 15/14 BH_Gun Slinger Vs BH_Twocush 15/9

So Decided was that the 3 winners would go in for a 3 way DM at Junction. Each got of to a good start but then Slinger pulled himself away to an amazing 15 whilst pitt was left standing with a good result of 11 and BH_The_Law who had a dissapointing for him score of 5. So at the end of the day the tourney was a huge success! And all great suceess have their owners This time it was BH_Heyou, who living in Australia had to get up at 3:00am and ended up going to sleep at 6:30am just to organize the tourney. He set the matchups, worked out who was playing who, sent levels to those in need, handed out the rules and made it a really fun day for all! So thank you VERY much BH_Heyou from all the BH, for a really enjoyable day And congrats to the winner ~~~~BH GUN SLINGER~~~~ and all who took part. This tourney saw about 15-20 BH take part and we would like to see more next time, there are rewards for winnnig or just turning up and helping with the running of the tourney so get along to the next one to be played some time early next year. Thanx For Reading and a Very Merry Christmas

~~~~By BH_Jammey~~~~

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